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General documents

You will need to present different documents and personal records on several occasions and institutions. It depends on the circumstances what document or record is needed in what situation.

In general you have to make sure the following:

All documents that have not been issued in English or German in the home country have to be submitted in translations. The correctness of the translation has to be confirmed by a German diplomatic or consular authority in the home country or a sworn translator in Germany.

All photocopies have to be officially authenticated documents. Copies and translations should be authenticated by the German embassies abroad.

Please check with the appropriate representatives for Germany in your country, to find out what documents are required to apply for a visa.

In general you will need to bring translated and offically authenticated copies of the following documents:

- credentials
- degrees
- Ph.D. certificate
- birth certificate
- marriage certificate (if applicable)
- insurance documents

Please be aware that you have to bring all these documents (if neccessary translated and notarized) for your family as well.

You will get information on authentication and certification of documents on the homepage of the German Foreign Ministry:
Hotline "Working and Living in Germany"
The German Government has recently opened a hotline that offers personalised information and advise in German and English. E.g. about the recognition of foreign vocational qualifications.