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Apply for a National Visa for Germany (D-Visa)

All people from abroad who intend to stay in Germany for longer then 90 days for working or studying usually have to apply for a visa in their home country.

Exceptions to this are EU-citizens, they do not need a visa, for more information please see chapter "EU-citizens".

Exceptions to this are also citizens from Australia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Corea and of the United States of America. They can apply for a visa within one week after arrival. Therefore it is necessary to register at the Einwohnermeldeamt (Local Residency Office) and afterwards to go to the local Immigration Office to apply for a residence permit.
But citizens of the countries above have to apply for a visa in their home country when they plan to start working immediately after their arrival in Germany!
Please note that you should not enter Germany with a tourists visa! This visa cannot be extended in Germany!

It is not permitted to work or study with a tourists visa! And once you have entered Germany, it can not be changed into a valid visa with a working permit! In such cases you have to leave Germany for your home country to apply for a valid visa!

First you have to check with the appropiate representatives for Germany in your country whether you need a visa before entering Germany and how long it will take to process the necessary documents. You will find detailed information at the German Foreign ministry.

In some cases it can take at least 8 weeks to process a visa application, this varies from one embassy to another embassy. So please apply for your visa in good time.

For all other countries, who are not listed above it is mandatory to apply for a visa at the German embassy or consulate in the home or residence country.

On those websites you will receive information about

- the documents you have to submit. Correct filled in forms and complete documents will help for a quickly process and avoids unnecessary effort. Please read carefully the instructions from the local German mission
- the fee is € 60,-, changed into the national currency.
- please make sure that you need a visa for each of your accompanying family member.
- you also have to make sure that your spouse needs – in addition to the visa - also his/her own working permit. In both cases the process can take longer than the researchers visa process!

You will find more information about this topic on the following websites:

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