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Health services
Emergency numbers:

Emergency call and fire brigade: 112
Police: 110
Poison Emergency call: 030 19240
Medical stand-by: 116 117

In Germany you have to go to a general practitioner (GP) when you need medical help. In some cases your GP will refer you to specialists. Please note that one of the first things you will be asked for is your health insurance scheme. It is best to take your insurance documents with you on the first visit.

If you want to see a GP or a dentist and need information about physicians who can speak other languages then German, please contact the Welcome Centre.

If you need medical help you should make an appointment at the doctor’s practice by telephone or in person. In case of a serious illness please make clear that you want to see the doctor on the same day.
If you have a statutory health insurance you have to show your insurance card.
If you have a private health insurance you will receive an invoice. You have to pay that invoice by yourself. Afterwards you will submit that invoice to your insurance company and they refund it.

Medical stand-by
During off-time and on weekends you can contact the

Ärzte-Bereitschaftsdienst Zentrale: 116 117
Dentist stand by
In Greifswald is always one dentist on duty, in case of a dental emergency, please have a look into the Ostsee-Zeitung “Nummern und Notfälle”.
Pharmacy stand-by

In Greifswald is always one pharmacy on duty, you will find the pharmacy on duty on a notice at every pharmacy’s door bell or in the “Ostsee-Zeitung”.
University hospital
The University Hospital is one of the most modern hospitals in Europe. You will get more information on the website: