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German Customs: Postal items
From time to time postal items (especially parcels) from abroad that should have been delivered to your home end up in the German Customs Administration in Wolgast (“Zollübergabestelle Wolgast”). This is the place where the Deutsche Post has to present postal items from abroad that need to be cleared for import with the customs office.

In case you receive a letter from the German Customs Administration in Wolgast that informs you that a parcel for you needs to be declared, you should call the contact shown on the letter immediately to discuss the next steps. This is important because the parcel will be stored just for 14 days.
If the customs do not get any answer, the parcel will be returned to the sender after 14 days without any further announcement.

Usually the Customs Adiministration keeps the parcels because they need to know what goods are in the parcel.
Therefore it is highly advisable to stick an adhesive envelope outside of the parcel containing the invoice and the payment document of the containing goods.

Furthermore it is recommended to inform yourself before sending a parcel from abroad to Germany. You will find information on the website of the German Customs Administration
German Customs: Sending personal property from outside an EU-country
When moving to Germany your personal property (eg. household assets, car) has to fullfill certain regulations to be duty free. Please ask your household moving firm or courier directly. You can also get information from the German Customs Administration: