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Flat hunting
In Germany you usually have to pay a deposit that is equivalent 2 to 3 month's rent. You will get the money back when moving out as long as there is no damage in the flat.

Please note that unfurnished flats are completely empty - most flats have no kitchen furniture. That means that there might even be no kitchen sink! It is highly advisable to ask the landlord in advance!
You may ask your host and colleagues; flats are often offered and given to colleagues informally.
Flat hunting online
Accommodation is mostly offered in the Internet. Please find the most popular seach machines for flats:
Housing co-operatives
There are two housing co-operatives in Greifswald who manage a large amount of flats, mostly in the newer parts of Greifswald (Schönwalde I and II, Ostseeviertel Ryckseite and Parkseite). In order to rent one of the flats you have to join the co-operative, the amount of shares depends on the rent and will be refunded once you leave the co-operative.
Newspaper Housing market
In Greifswald you can find advertisements for accommodation in the Saturday-issue of the local newspaper “Ostsee-Zeitung”. You also can post your own small advertisement there.
International Guest House “Felix Hausdorff”
Within the University of Greifswald and the Max-Planck-Institute together run the guest house “Felix-Hausdorff”. Applications can be made by the host institutes directly to the Guest House or to the International Office of the University (for University employees), but the flats in the guest house are in great demand, so no guarantee can be given.
Room in a shared flat
In Germany it is not unusual that students, doctorates or early stage researchers live in a shared flat - especially in University towns.
Each member has a room for him or herself with a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom. Sometimes an additional common room exists.

Estate agencies (Immobilienmakler)
Lots of accommodation is offered through Estate agencies (Immobilienmakler). You have to be aware that this possibility is the most expensive way to get accommodation because you have to pay up to 2 or 3 commission.