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Additional charges
Most housing offers have information on "Kaltmiete" or "Warmmiete". The "Kaltmiete" describes the monthly rent without any services such as heating or water (which are mandatory in Germany). The "Warmmiete" includes usually all additional costs, but it is highly advisable to ask what it is included.

When searching for suitable accommodation, you should take the extra costs into account. This means the costs for heating, water, electricity, waste removal, cleaning services, insurances or taxes.

Depending on your consumption habits, this could sum up to around a third of your cold rent that has to be paid extra. These costs are calculated on an individuall basis and can therefore vary.
Television fees, telephone and internet are not included in the cold or warm rent, it is your responsibility to arrange and pay directly for these services.

Before moving into a new apartment/flat there is a "hand over" from the landlord to the new tenant. During this a written hand over certificate is filled in, and also the energy meter readings are written down (Water, power and gas or the meters on the radiators). You have to sign this certificate and keep a copy of it - as a proof when moving out.

By the way: German tap water is undertaken very severe tests, therefore it is drinkable - and an alternative to bottled mineral water.