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Greifswald is a popular place to live due to the University and its proximity to the Baltic Sea.

Therefore living space is in short supply and finding an affordable and suitable accommodation can be fairly difficult in particular the market for small, furnished flats is very limited. So you should look for accommodation as soon as possible. In Germany you often have to spend up to 40% of your monthly income on rent.

For general information about searching for accommodation in Germany please check with the information portal EURAXESS.
Please note
Please contact the Welcome Centre Greifswald, we will be delighted to help you in finding a suitable accommodation. But would you please kindly note that we can only offer advice and some limited support in searching for accommodation. Unfortunately we cannot give any guarantees. We strongly recommend that you ask your host for assistance.
We do not view apartments nor sign contracts or give financially aid. Contracts have to be signed by the guest personally.