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Research stay based on a working contract

In general in Germany you have to pay different taxes on your income. The income tax will be deducted directly from your salary.
A few weeks after your first registration in Germany you will receive a letter from the Federal Tax office with your Tax-ID No. (Steueridentifikationsnummer). This Tax-ID No. has to be forwarded immediately to the personnel department in order to tax your income.
The tax-ID No is a longlife number, so keep it in your files.

There are some exeptions from this rule, e.g. if you stay for less then 6 months.

To avoid the problem of double taxation in Germany and in your home country please have a look onto the list of countries who have got a contract to avoid double taxation. The website is in German, but on the pages are further links to websites in English as well.
Research stay based on a fellowship

If you hold a fellowship under some circumstances you are exempted from taxation. Please get in contact with the awarding fellowship organisation.
Income Tax Statement
Because of legal restrictions, the Welcome Centre staff is not qualified to answer individual questions from international scholars regarding their tax liabilities.

We strongly recommend that you consult an official tax counsellor in Germany and also the tax authorities in your home country for further advice.