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This is not the official website of the Local Immigration Office Greifswald (Ausländerbehörde Greifswald)! The address can be found in the margin.
This is information for foreign researchers and their families:
Registration with the Local Immigration Office in Greifswald
All persons who entered Germany with a visa and who are planning to stay longer than 3 months have to apply for a residence permit at the Local Immigration Office.

At the Local Immigration Office you have to supply the following documents:

- valid Passport
- registration certificate of proof of residence
- Lease for your accommodation
- Proof of a valid health insurance policy
- Proof of adequate financial resources
(Employment contract, Fellowship offer)
- Passport-sized picture (biometric, can be made in a fotobooth in the registration office, 4 pictures cost approx. € 7)
- Charge for residence permit €100/ €100

Please note that you need these documents for each member of your family!
EU and EEA Citizens
EU and EEA Citizens don't need a "Certificate of Freedom of Movement" from the Local Immigration Office anymore. The proof that you live in Germany as an EU or EEA citizen is the registration certificate (Meldebestätigung) that you receive when registering with the Local Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) in Greifswald.

Family members of an EU or EEA citizen who themselves are citizens of a third country still need to apply for an unlimited residence permit for family members of an EU/EEA citizen in the Local Immigration Office (Ausländerbehörde).