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In Germany a broad-based social security system is in operation. The compulsory insurances covers risks of

- medical costs (visits to doctors and medicine costs) (Health insurance)
- nursing (Nursing care insurance)
- accident care (Accident insurance)
- retirement (Pension scheme)
- unemployment benefits (Unemployment insurance)

These social security contributions are deducted directly from your salary.
The most important private insurance is the
Stay with a scholarship

Scholars do not become members of the German Social Security System, but they also must have a health insurance.
Other private insurances
When you have signed a working contract the staff office will take all necessary steps to apply for the insurances. You may wish to consider paying additional benefits and most insurance agencies can advise you about these.
You will find some of the most popular private insurances at the link below. But please note that the list is not complete and in no way means any recommendation.