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Child care

You have various opportunities of childcare in Greifswald. Even though it is not easy to get a place in a childcare centre, also because there is no automatism or allocation from the authorites of these places. This means that parents have to become active and look for a place by themselves.

Please notice that the monthly fee that is charged for childcare depends on the age of the child, the duration of daily care and the institution. Please ask directly in the instiution for more information about the fee.

You can choose between private and public childcare institutions, you can find a link with the names and terms of admission below.
To learn more about the topic “childcare in Greifswald” please do not hesitate to contact the Welcome Centre Greifswald.

In most of the child care institutions you have the choice between different hours of operation:

All-day care up to 10 hours daily (Ganztagesbetreuung)
Half-day care up to 6 hours daily (Halbtagsbetreuung)
Part-time care up to 4 hours daily (Teilzeitbetreuung)