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Activities for families
In Greifswald and the surrounding area you will find many opportunities to spent your time with your family and children.
The following list gives just an idea of opportunities. More information can be found in the daily newspaper "Ostsee-Zeitung", it is also advisable to ask colleagues or other families.
The monthly magazine "Landknirpse" focuses on families from the Greifswald area, please check its website. The magazine is also available for free in many shops in Greifswald.

Eldena Beach
This is Greifswald’s beach, it is worth a visiting during any season: In the summer for a (sun-) bathing, in the autumn for flying a kite, in the winter for the clear and fresh air and in the spring to search for “Bernstein” after storms.
Apart from Eldena Beach several beaches in the area are worth a visit. Please note that at some beaches not everybody wears bathing costumes!

Freizeitbad Greifswald (Indoor swimming pool)
A visit to the Freizeitbad is not dependent on the weather, you can do swimming and bathing all year round.
There are various courses on offer that will help you to keep fit. There are also swimming courses for small children on offer.
Please check the website for more information on opening hours and prices.
Children’s and Youth University
The University of Greifswald regularly organizes the “Children’s and Youth University”,
a series of lectures designed to interest kids in studying science. Each lecture features one topic aimed at a target audience of 8-11 year olds and 12 years and upwards.
For more information please check the website:
Tierpark Greifswald (Zoo)
The “Heimattierpark Greifswald” is a small zoo with domestic and exotic animals and it is an ideal place for families to visit at weekends. For more information please check their website:
Musikschule Greifswald (Music school Greifswald)

The Musikschule Greifswald (Greifswald Music School) offers lessons on a wide range of instruments. There are also courses for smaller children (First musical experiences) and also for adults. For more information please have a look at the homepage.
Another music-school is the “Musikfabrik”, a private music school which offers lessons in various instruments. For more information please have a look on the websites.
Sports for children

In Greifswald you can choose between many types of sports for children. Please check the following website: