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Three months before planned departure
Generally the statutory deadline of three months up until the end of the month applies. You should inform your landlord of your planned move in writing.
Renovation of your apartment
Clarify with your landlord which measures you must take concerning redecoration of the flat. You can do the redecoration by yourself or pay a company to do. Discuss with your landlord how the deposit which you may have paid will be repaid.
Electricity provider
Ask your provider how to terminate your contract. Ask for a written confirmation of the cancellation .
Gas- and water supplier
If a direct contract with the supplier exists, ask your provider how to terminate the contract. Ask for a written confirmation of the cancellation.

Telefon-, Internet- and possibly cable provider
Cancel the contracts with the providers. Keep in mind the different cancellation deadlines.
Television and radio license fees
Written cancellation, ask for a written confirmation. More information (in German):
Newspaper subscriptions
Either terminate the subsciptions or forward to your new address.
Child care and schools
Please inform the relevant institutions of your departure.

State pension funds
If you had to pay contributions to the state pension fund (Deutsche Rentenversicherung), make an appointment with an adviser from the national insurance office in order to clarify your entitlements to a state pension that you have accrued and the potential refund of your contributions.
In many cases it is worth contacting a tax adviser who can help you in completing your tax return. This service is chargeable, but it is advisable especially with regard to issues concerning double taxation. The Welcome Centre will be pleased to make a contact with an English speaking tax advisor in Greifswald.
If your next place of residency is in another European Country, it is worth contacting the local EURAXESS service centre. Check with the website EURAXESS - the adviser network for internationally mobile researchers:
Personnel department / Salary
Inquire whether there is anything you need to do before leaving.

Ask about your last salary, sometimes the last wage or grant payment overlapps with the moving date.
Cancel memberships of clubs and associations.